AKC Anatolian Shepherd Registration Colors

Many people contact us with questions regarding which colors Anatolian Shepherd dogs can be. According to the breed standard, all colors are equally accepted, but all colors under the sun are not actually options on our registration application! The clearest way to answer these questions is to go over what the approved American Kennel Club registration codes are for the Anatolian Shepherd breed. 

So, we commissioned a wonderful artist to build us a color chart with the AKC color/marking description and code that is used to register any Anatolian Shepherd dog. Along with this chart, you can find associated pages for each color/marking option and learn more about the terms used in the AKC Anatolian Shepherd standard. 

We hope you find this information helpful! If you’d like more information on individual colors/markings, please use the color menu above to navigate.

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