Reference: Drache

Anatolian Shepherd Drache Show Stack

Registered Name: Chomarji’s Yuma Sharki

Call Name: Drache (Dra – ka)
Date of Birth: May 9, 1991

Owners: Gerry and Julia Adams

Anatolian Shepherd Drache

Health Testing Results:

CHIC Number: 91506



Thyroid: Normal Levels, predate OFA testing

Public OFA Results

Drache lived in California with mini horses and his human family. One of his great-great grandsires is Zorba, the first Anatolian imported to the United States by the Ballard family. He ties old Turk, English, and American lines together! We are very excited for the opportunity to bring these genetics forward into the Apex Anatolians pack via artificial insemination.

Anatolian Shepherd Drache with Puppy

Drache was known for his lovely conformation and his calm temperament in public. From the pre-AKC era, he once took Best of Breed over some very well known Anatolians.

We are so excited to have some frozen semen from Drache’s owners- Julie and Gerry!

Anatolian Shepherd Running Drache