Registered Name: C Xena Rule

Call Name: Xena
Date of Birth: 06/15/2017
Health Testing Date: 02/12/2021

Shoulder Height: 28″

Color: Biscuit and White Pinto

Health Testing Results:



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Xena joined our pack in early 2022 after her family had a change in their living situation and couldn’t continue with their dream to breed her. She has a stellar temperament with the chickens and our children as well as our other dogs she is slowly being introduced to. Xena is dedicated to her people and enjoys her animal friends. She’s not as social with outside humans as our other dogs, but she wasn’t raised with these rules, and she is learning our ways. Xena has come around to our many barn cats, which is wonderful for peace on the property. 

While we are unfamiliar with her breeder, and her pedigree is not full of well-known dogs like our Karaboudjan and Sunny-Lee dogs, what we are seeing in Xena is encouraging:

Stock: Xena is poultry safe, and working with the chickens and our Cotton Patch Geese breeding project.

Conformation to the breed standard: Xena is very typey with a strong stance and topline. She’s in a less common, but equally acceptable color/pattern that isn’t a fault and just requires a little more education when people assume she’s a cross. Good muscling and locomotion. 

Temperament: Sensitive to human correction and direction. Cares about what people think (not entirely common for the breed, but desirable for us and families like us with small children). Tolerant of most other dogs in her space. No notable resource guarding of food/dishes. High alert for movement, including cats and other furry woodland critters.

Health: Her OFA scores were pre-existing, but they are considered passing with “Good” hips and “Normal” elbows at 3.5 years of age. We are very happy to see those scores and they qualify her for further evaluation for potential breeding. No lameness or other health concerns have shown themselves. Her DNA panel shows she’s not at risk for any of the relevant diseases!


Xena has given us 10 pups by Ares: