Code of Ethics Breeder

Apex Anatolians is a Code of Ethics Breeder with the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America. This means that Apex follows the Code of Ethics requirements and explores the recommendations* with our boarded Theriogenologist Veterinarian (reproductive specialist with verified continued education focused in canine reproduction).

We are proud to participate in our national breed club, and we value the health and preservation of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog breed. 

*If a recommendation of the Club is in conflict with current science or recommended best practices, we will seek the opinion of our subject matter expert Veterinarian and consider both sides to make the best decision for our dogs and the breed. Our dogs come first; their health and wellbeing is priority over any policy.



Approved 8-11-2021 by ASDCA Board of Directors

The Anatolian Shepherd is a very special breed of dog, developed over many centuries under rigorous working conditions to perform a specific job – protect livestock. As owners and breeders of these dogs, we are dedicated to maintaining the working ability, temperament, soundness, and overall conformation these dogs have exhibited for millennia in their native lands.

This Code of Ethics is established in accordance with the objectives of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America (ASDCA) as set forth in the By-Laws. It is established to set a standard of conduct by all members of the ASDCA. It is presented as a guideline for the use of ASDCA members and the general public when buying breeding, selling and exhibiting Anatolian Shepherd Dogs. The Code of Ethics outlines the essentials of responsible behaviors for Anatolian Shepherd owners, breeders, and potential breeders whose foremost aim should be the health and welfare of their dogs and the breed.

As a member, breeder, or potential breeder, in good standing of the ASDCA, I hereby agree:

1. To abide by the ASDCA By-laws and the Rules and Regulations of the American Kennel Club.
2. To maintain the highest standard of canine health, cleanliness, and care.
3. That all advertising and social media shall be honest and not in any way fraudulent or misleading. Members should be responsible, respectful and professional on social media.
4. That no ASD will be knowingly sold to franchised commercial facilities, puppy brokers, puppy mills or agents. No stud dog will knowingly be bred to any bitch whose owner is directly or indirectly involved with any puppy broker, puppy mill or any other commercial enterprise whose business is involved in like activities. No ASD will be sold or donated to a research laboratory. No dog will be offered as a prize or sold at auction.
5. All breeding will be done with the intention of preserving the breed and not for purely commercial purposes. No registered Anatolian will be intentionally bred other than to a registered ASD.
6. All breeding Bitches and Dogs must be certified radiographic free of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or comparable agency. Preliminary results are not accepted. Copy of this certification to be provided to puppy buyers upon request.
7. All breeding Bitches and Dogs should be physically mature and at least two years of age with no disqualifying faults per the AKC standard. It is recommended that Bitches be limited to 3 litters in their lifetime and should not be bred after the age of 8 without Veterinary approval.
8. Puppies should not be removed from their mother and siblings before they are at least eight weeks old.
9. To realistically evaluate all puppies and to sell or place non-breeding ASDs on contracts with limited registration papers (offspring cannot be registered with the AKC).
10. All breeders will take responsibility for all offspring produced and will assist in their lifetime placements and re-homing if necessary.