Puppy Placement

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Each Apex Anatolians puppy is unique! A puppy may look very similar to his dam, while his temperament and preferences for work type may be very different than either parent. This happens a lot, because phenotype (what you see on the outside) is not at all tied to the synapses of a puppy’s brain. The brain is what matters most when you are adding a puppy that will hopefully see his 15th birthday in your care!

Although we get many requests for a certain color, size, or pattern of pup- Apex always maintains that temperament and aptitude make the match between puppy and owner. Should two pups be equally suited to your home, and one is your preferred color or pattern, of course we will offer you the choice between the two. So long as a dog is mentally sound and conformationally correct, any color preferences are icing on that foundational cake.

Can I pick my Puppy?


What a short and simple answer, eh? The answer is no, but there are good reasons behind the no.

How do you pick the right puppy for me?

Great question! As outlined on our Puppies Page, each and every puppy we have is evaluated for temperament AND working aptitude during week 7. That means once the pups turn 7 weeks old, they are evaluated that week!

Evaluation is done at 7 weeks because the study of canine temperaments has shown that this is the earliest that the puppies will be showing their fixed traits for observation and recording, as well as their fluid traits that we can then mold and shape in positive ways.

After evaluations are complete, each pup is scored in the different areas and a master list is formed. There are no “bad” puppies- there are only puppies that would be a bad match for certain homes. A big part of being a breeder is taking that master list and matching the pups to their ideal homes. When the temperament and experience of the new family matches up with the temperament and aptitude of the puppy- it’s a match made in doggy heaven, and the transition and life going forward is easier than another pup would have been.

This isn’t to say there’s no work involved with your ideal match puppy! You’re still responsible for training and caring for your pup. It will simply be easier when your pup is a match for you and your life!

Can I get two puppies at once?

No, we will not sell littermates together unless they will be separated more than 75% of the time and you are exceptionally trustworthy and experienced with LGDs.