The A Litter

Anatolian Shepherd litter sleeping

We welcomed the A Litter on December 24, 2021!

Apex 1 - Green Collar Female

  The first female is the largest of the litter.


She is a traditional fawn with minimal white markings.


Green is dedicated to being on-duty with her stock and property! She is looking for a working LGD home with people who will encourage her to be the best worker bee she can be.


Apex 2 - Pink Collar Female

 The second female looks the most like Severine as a pup.


She is a traditional fawn with white markings.


Pink is very much in love with people, which is great since she’s going to a home where she will be given a job of helping people!

Going to Pennsylvania.

Apex 3 - Blue Collar Male

 The only male, the third pup, is flashy!


He is a dutch marked pup taking after his granddam.


Blue is a rough coat pup with a lot of personality and will be looking for a family with livestock and interested in his show potential.

Apex 4 - Purple Collar Female

 The last pup of the A litter is another female!


She is a dutch marked pup taking after her granddam.


Purple is joining the Apex Pack! Her calm demeanor and love of all critters in and outside makes her a prospect worth further evaluation.

Looking for an Anatolian for your farm or family?

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