How Big Do Anatolian Shepherds Get?

Anatolian Shepherds come in a range of sizes and weights that vary based on both genetic and environmental factors. According to the AKC breed standard:

Size, Proportion, Substance: General balance is more important than absolute size. Dogs should be from 29 inches and weighing from 110 to 150 pounds proportionate to size and structure. Bitches should be from 27 inches, weighing from 80 to 120 pounds, proportionate to size and structure. Neither dog nor bitch appear fat. Both dog and bitch should be rectangular, in direct proportion to height. Measurements and weights apply at age 2 or older.

*Special Note* Breeders purposefully selecting for dogs larger than 150 lb and bitches over 120 lb are more common than those breeding smaller stature dogs. The XXL breeders are often more concerned with increased size than other factors we prioritize here, such as temperament, orthopedic/joint health and overall balance. Hypertype and oversized dogs are a passion for some people, and that is fine- we just recommend that if you desire a Spanish Mastiff looking dog, that you find a breeder with health tested, working SM’s, rather than purchase a monster Anatolian Shepherd.