SportDog Invisible Fence

We have gotten a lot of questions about our fencing and how we keep our dogs contained. We have 47″ tall woven wire steel field fence that makes up our pens. The fence is perfectly adequate for our Kunekune pigs, hair sheep, Jersey cow, and puppies. However, our older livestock guardian dogs could easily hop out of our fences at any time. Especially when we have 2-3 feet of hard snow pack along the fence line.

The way we have chosen to address this is to utilize the SportDog 100A Invisible Fence System. Here is a video about how we set up our system:

And here is the LGD Invisible Fence shopping list (of affiliate links that cost you nothing extra, but support our dogs. Thank you!) if you want the same products we use here.



Special Notes:

SportDog 100A JUST THE BOX (You’ll save money by avoiding a rechargeable collar and crappy wire by buying the lone box).

Order one collar per dog!
These are the collars we use, because they take 9 volt batteries that last 2-4 months. The SportDog collars currently available are re-chargable and require charge every 8-12 hours.

Order Enough Wire for your fenceline + double the distance to where you will put your transmitter box indoors.
This is the wire we use. Use as few rolls/pieces as possible to keep the boundary line strong and prevent loss of loop.

Use Splices to join your wire pieces together along the boundary line.
These are rated for outdoor use. You can use other splices, but the moisture and dirt can affect your loop quality.

Zip Ties secure your boundary wire to your physical fenceline. Get enough for every other fence post.
Bright colors are easily spotted if they fall, but you can use any color you like!

Keep spare 9 Volt Batteries on Hand
You don’t want to run out of these for your collar(s). Keep them in the fridge, they will last a long time!

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