Shazam x Jyn Litter Announcement


Today we celebrate a few firsts here at Apex Anatolians!
Our first successful AI (artificial insemination, not intelligence) litter, first cesarean section, and first mini litter (2 pups) all happened today!


As many of my friends know, my mentor Janet Dotson and I undertook a passion project at the end of last year to breed Jyn to one of the  best dogs I’ve met (and I have met so many good dogs!) This was a very involved process with many people to thank: Janet (of course, again, forever), Dr. Souther and Jordan, Dr. Ferguson and the Blue Mountain team, my supportive husband, and my boys.

The Story

In November, I delivered Jyn to Southern California to enjoy some sun and vacation time from the critters here before she came into heat. That didn’t really work, because the moment she could, she went to work the goat pen with Ateš, Boris and Muska. Shockingly, everyone got along fine and Jyn is now BFFs with Ateš (no one saw that coming). 

During Jyn’s stay, Janet graciously took Jyn to Dr. Souther, her Theriogenologist (reproductive veterinary specialist), for initial bloodwork, multiple progesterone tests, and two Transcervical Inseminations (TCI) to some less-than-optimal frozen semen from Shazam. It just didn’t freeze/thaw well. We were all cautiously optimistic for a good outcome given otherwise ideal conditions and timing! 

I picked Jyn up a couple weeks after she was bred, and began monitoring her closely, scheduling her ultrasound and X-rays with my Theriogenologist Dr. Ferguson. On day 30 we confirmed she was pregnant! But we only saw two little fetuses. As she progressed, we noticed all the usual signs of pregnancy other than getting obscenely large. 

For the last week, Tim and I have monitored Jyn around the clock. She looked like she was finally getting into stage 1 early this morning, but Jyn didn’t progress normally into second-stage labor (when the puppies appear) so she had a cesarean section before noon today. Both pups were removed surgically, and showed plenty of vigor immediately.

We are so happy to have two healthy Anatolian boys! This is the second and sadly final litter out of GCHS Karaboudjan’s Mystic Moonspell “Shazam” who was expertly bred and loved by Janet Dotson of Karaboudjan Anatolians.

The Boys